ZBand  Snore Reduction System

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If you sleep with your mouth open most likely you snore. This happens because if you breathe in through your mouth the air hits the back of the throat directly and creates massive vibrations in the soft tissue which results into snoring sounds. 85% of snorers have this problem because they sleep with their mouth open. However, there is a very effective way to stop snoring and that is using the Stop Snoring Jaw Strap. How it works? Snoring research has shown that a jaw supporter, keeping the lower jaw in an upward position increases the three dimensional space in the airway, reduces air velocity and soft tissue vibration. This action can eliminate or substantially reduce snoring! The stop snoring jaw strap helps to keep your jaw and mouth closed while you sleep and encourages you to breathe through your nose. The elastic strap goes around your jaw and the back of your head which helps to keep your mouth shut at all times during your sleep. It is an easy to use and comfortable device that fits all due to the adjustable elastic strap. It is also machine washable and very easy to store.


  • Most effective open-mouth snorer solution! 97% success rate!
  • Solution most recommended by doctors. Keeps your jaw in proper position and eliminates snoring caused by soft palate vibrations.
  • Adjustable universal size. Velcro straps used to control tension and comfort.
  • Scientifically proven to treat many symptoms associated with sleep deprivation and sleep apnea.
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ZBand Snore Reduction System

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