How to place an order on Bartz Mall?

  1. Click on the relevant category and find the product.
  2. On the top right section of the page, you will find an order form. You receive a conformation mail with order number once you fill this form.
  3. You will be contacted by our support team regarding confirmation.
  4. Tour product is dispatched and you pay on delivery.

Can I buy a product on your website from a physical location?

All products displayed on BartzMall can be purchased online only. There is no store at any place to sell these products. By signing for our newsletter, you can remain updated with not only the products and services on offer but also special offers and deals that are provided from time to time.


Can I ask for refund or exchange if the product is wrong or defective?

Yes, refund and exchange of an order is possible on BartzMall. You can get the details from our page titled Refund/Exchange Policy.


How can I remain sure about the quality of products?

Quality of all products is checked internally before putting them up on display on the website. However, there might be slight differences in colors and specifications of the products that you receive from those displayed on the website. You can rest assured that products dispatched are at least 95% similar to those posted on BartzMall.


Is there any minimum order?

There is no minimum order requirement on Bartz Mall. You can order as few or as many as you desire.


Is it safe to shop on Bartz Mall?

Personal details of customers are kept safe and secure by the website. Very high degree of safety measures are employed to make financial transactions safe. Information about the customers is not divulged by the company to others under any circumstances. You can learn more about the safety measures by reading our Privacy Policy.


What can I do if I do not receive my order?

Dispatch of all orders is done within 2-3 days. You can track the status of your order by clicking on Tack my Order feature on the website through the tracking ID that is sent to you by us in the confirmation mail. If you do not receive the product after a few days, it is better to contact the customer support team.


Is it possible to change the order?

It is not possible to make changes in the order once products have been dispatched. However, if the items have not been shipped, you can change the order by informing us through a call.


Can I send a gift to someone outside Pakistan?

We are currently shipping products all across Pakistan only. You can however place an order from anywhere in the world.


What is COD?

COD means cash on delivery. It is a special feature that allows our customers to make payment for an order after receiving the product.

How is packing done at Bartz Mall?

All orders are packed by experts at the warehouse of the company. This special packing that is done using bubble wrap makes sure that your orders reach you safely without any damage.