Fab Foils

Fab Foils allows you to select the foil style for salon-quality designs. It’s much less time consuming and way more affordable than getting professional manicures at the salon. Fab Foils is a unique method of applying nail polish to the nails and toenails. It utilizes foil material designs and combines them with a top and base coat of nail polish, and removes with regular nail polish remover. Fab Foils comes with 10 different foil designs where you can just select the design according to your requirement, apply a base coat, set the foil design on the nails and transfer it with the applicator, and then peel the foil off. With gorgeous designs and metallic finishes, these flashy nail foils are a revolution in nail art.


  • ·         Material: Plastic
  • ·         Users select their own designs
  • ·         Three steps in the process- Prep, Transfer, Peel
  • ·         Looks great for up to 2 weeks of wear
  • ·         Removes with regular nail polish remover
  • ·         13 Pieces Kit

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Fab Foils

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